LCL Tear Surgery in Dubai

Whether you’re an athlete,  who’s experienced a knee injury or someone seeking information for a loved one, understanding the intricacies of LCL surgery in Dubai is crucial for a successful recovery.

LCL knee Surgery is not just a medical procedure; it’s a step towards reclaiming the active lifestyle you cherish.

LCL Surgery in Dubai - Dr Hesham Al Khateeb


The LCL, a vital band of tissue on the outside of your knee, plays a key role in stabilizing your leg and allowing dynamic movements. However, it can cause significant pain, swelling, and instability when it tears. But with modern surgical interventions, hope is on the horizon.

LCL injuries are categorized into three distinct grades by medical professionals:

  • Grade 1: Characterized by slight pain and sensitivity.
  • Grade 2: Associated with significant pain and swelling, particularly on the inner side of the knee.
  • Grade 3: Marked by intense pain and sensitivity, noticeable swelling, and a lack of stability in the knee joint.

LCL ligament surgery is typically reserved for Grade 3 injuries or when the injury encompasses additional components of the knee.

What is LCL knee surgery?

LCL surgery in Dubai is a specialized procedure aimed at restoring the knee’s stability and function. It involves repairing or reconstructing the torn ligament using advanced surgical techniques.

At the hands of a skilled surgeon like Dr Hesham Al-Khateeb, LCL surgery transforms from a mere medical intervention into an art form. With precision and care, Dr. Hesham addresses the unique intricacies of each patient’s condition, ensuring a tailored approach to recovery and rehabilitation.

What leads to surgical LCL reconstruction?

LCL injuries typically occur when the knee receives a direct impact on its inner side. This impact can overstress the ligaments, leading to a tear. 

These types of injuries are frequently seen in sports like football, basketball, hockey, and skiing. The signs and symptoms generally include:

LCL surgery in Dubai:
what to expect?

The journey through torn LCL surgery under Dr. Hesham Al-Khateeb is not just about healing a torn ligament; it’s about restoring confidence in your knee’s strength and your ability to move freely. Here’s what you can generally expect from the process:

Before surgery


Before surgery, you’ll receive detailed instructions from Dr. Hesham. This may include stopping certain medications and arranging your home for post-surgery mobility.

Diagnosis and Planning:

 A thorough examination and imaging tests such as MRI are conducted to assess the extent of the injury and plan the surgical approach.

LCL injury surgery


LCL surgery in Dubai is typically performed as an open surgery under general anesthesia. Dr. Hesham will replace the torn ligament with a tissue graft, either from another area of your leg or from a donor


Immediately after surgery, you’ll likely need crutches to aid in mobility while your knee heals. Pain medication, ice, and elevation can help manage swelling and discomfort.

After surgery

Rehabilitation: Physical therapy usually begins within a few weeks after surgery to help restore strength and function to your knee. The complete recovery time for LCL surgery and return to full activity can take around six months, depending on individual healing rates and adherence to the rehabilitation program.

It’s important to follow your surgeon’s guidance closely throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome for your knee’s recovery.

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